February 21st, 2020


Дега в Опере (часть 1 из 2)

14 января 2020 г.
Париж, Музей Орсэ. Выставка "Дега в Опере".
Часть 1.

Musée d'Orsay. From the museum site:
Degas at the Opera

Throughout his entire career, from his debut in the 1860s up to his final works after 1900, the Opera formed the focal point of Degas’ output. It was his “own room”. He explored the theatre’s various spaces - auditorium and stage, boxes, foyers, and dance studios - and followed those who frequented them: dancers, singers, orchestral musicians, audience members, and black-attired subscribers lurking in the wings. This closed world presented a microcosm of infinite possibilities allowing all manner of experimentations: multiple points of view, contrasts of lighting, the study of motion and the precision of movement.

This is the first exhibition to consider the Opera as a whole, examining not only Degas’ passionate relationship with the House and his musical tastes, but also the infinite resources of this marvellous ‘toolbox’. The work of a truly great artist offers us the portrait of the Paris Opera in the 19th century.

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старик Дега

вздорный старик Дега
жизнь оказалась долга
жизнь оказалась проста
при белизне холста

пачки пуанты станок
мир за стеной жесток
бронза пастель перо
зрение жжет нутро

не утонет в крови
бывший дружок Галеви
это слова слова
славу сгрызут едва

виолончель контрабас
хор обойдется без нас
птички вяжите шнурок
я без вас одинок

мир на сцене на слом
под невозможным углом
пот гримаса и грим
так не заговорим

поднимайся пора
абонемент в Опера
надо ли горевать
Он Любил Рисовать


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