August 28th, 2018


Раиса Блох и Михаил Горлин

Для памяти:

Вот что пишет Рина Лапидус о последнем периоде жизни Раисы и Михаила в книге "Jewish Women Writers in the Soviet Union":
"In 1939, while Bloch and Gorlin were still living in Paris, a policeman acquaintance informed them of Gorlin’s impending arrest, but he did not act on the warning. After his arrest he was held for a time in the village of Potivier (Pithiviers) in France. The French uthorities turned a blind eye to the detainees, leaving the gates of the camp open. However, rather than fleeing like many other detainees, Gorlin went to the local library and then returned to the camp. Gorlin was evidently afraid to ride a bicycle, the accepted vehicle for those who fled the camp. Raisa was able to visit him occasionally. Finally, on one of her periodic visits, she found the camp empty and all the detainees gone. On 14 May 1941, along with all the other detainees, Mikhail Gorlin had been arrested. He was deported to Germany from the Pithiviers camp in France on 17 July 1942, and later sent to work in the salt mines in Silesia, where he was executed.
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