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Боннар в Лондоне

Tate Modern, London. April 2, 2019.
The C C Land Exhibition:
Pierre Bonnard, The Colour of Memory

"The exhibition concentrates on Bonnard’s work from 1912, when colour became a dominant concern, until his death in 1947. It presents landscapes and intimate domestic scenes which capture moments in time – where someone has just left the room, a meal has just finished, a moment lost in the view from the window, or a stolen look at a partner." (https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/exhibition/cc-land-exhibition-pierre-bonnard-colour-memory)

Тэйт-Модерн, Лондон.
Выставка: Пьер Боннар "Цвет памяти"

(а здесь ссылка на весь альбом 2019_04_02_London_Tate-Modern_Bonnard, 200 фотографий – нажать...)

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